Mold Remediation Atlanta

“Professional, fast, and very neatly done. Considering the amount of water damage sustained, the mold was eliminated and there is not a trace of odor. I was also impressed with how accommodating everyone was. No request was ignored, even if it was not part of the restoration job. The entire crew made a disaster situation manageable and I will always appreciate that!  Thank you.”

Lisa G.


Mold remediation in Atlanta home

Mold is ugly and smells bad.  Worse than that, mold can cause serious help problems, especially to the very young and the very old.  It can also cause discoloration and even damage to your home, commercial, or industrial property.  And because mold grow fast, you need to move fast to get rid of it.

Clean and Restore of Atlanta’s certified mold technicians work with nationally recognized testing laboratories and can provide mold inspection, lab analyses, and written mold remediation plans.  Our trained technicians know what to look for to identify and eliminate the sources and causes of mold growth.  It’s all about helping your get your property (and your life) back to normal as soon as possible.  And as with all of our services, we’ll work with your insurance company to keep the lines of communication open and to insure proper procedures are followed.  You don’t need any surprises.

The exact methodology for eradicating mold will differ from case to case, however, the basic process is the same.  When working to get rid of a mold problem Clean and Restore of Atlanta will

  • Observe, evaluate, and assess the situation
  • Report our findings to your insurance company
  • Establish and define the extent of the contamination
  • Isolate and contain contaminated areas
  • Develop the appropriate procedures which might include environmental testing, establishing mold types and baseline levels, preparing a written remediation plan, etc.)
  • Remove the mold and protect against spore spread.

You have enough in your life to worry about.  A mold problem shouldn’t be one of them.  We invite you to call Clean and Restore of Atlanta today to get the remediation process started.  We’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  So call now.  We’re at your service.